John Travers (1703 – 1758)

12th August 2016 0

See below for a recording of music by John Travers John Travers, whose father, John, was a shoemaker in the English village of Windsor, Berkshire, was born there in 1703. He received his musical training […]

Eugène Gigout (1844 – 1925)

27th April 2016 0

See below for recordings of music by Eugène Gigout Eugène Gigout (1844 – 1925) was for 62 years Organist of the Church of St Augustin, Paris. He was best known at the time as a […]

John Varley Roberts (1841 – 1920)

25th April 2016 0

See below for recordings of John Varley Roberts’ music John Varley Roberts was a blunt Yorkshireman who was Organist and Choirmaster at Magdalen College, Oxford, between 1882 and 1918. During his time, the chapel choir, […]

William Walond Organ Voluntary VI (Op. 1)

18th April 2016 0

William Walond Organ Voluntary VI (Op. 1) The William Walond Organ Voluntary VI from his Opus 1 set is without question the most original in the collection. William Walond (1719 – 1768) was an organist […]

Thomas Preston (c 1500 – 1563)

10th April 2016 0

See below for recordings of Thomas Preston’s music Thomas Preston was one of the most important musicians from the mid-Tudor period in England. Almost nothing is known of his life but he is thought to […]

Henry Heron (1738 – 1795)

21st March 2016 0

Henry Heron Henry Heron (1738 – 1795) was a dancing and music teacher in London during the second half of the 18th century and for many years organist of St Mary’s, Ewell, then at the […]

Thomas Sanders Dupuis (1733 – 1796)

21st March 2016 0

See below for recordings of Dupuis’ music Thomas Sanders Dupuis (1733 – 1796) was Organist and Composer to King George III, highly regarded as a performer, and best known today for a set of organ […]

Starling Goodwin (1711 – 1774)

21st March 2016 2

Starling Goodwin A blind 18th century musician based in London, England, Starling Goodwin wrote music both for church use and public concerts. Surviving examples of his work include voluntaries for organ or harpsichord and a number of popular […]

John Christmas Beckwith (1759 – 1809)

21st March 2016 0

John Christmas Beckwith John Christmas Beckwith (1759 – 1809) was an 18th century English composer with an original and distinct style which was recognised and noted by his contemporaries at a time when most lived […]

John Alcock (1715 – 1806)

21st March 2016 0

See below for a recording of John Alcock’s music John Alcock was born in London on the 11th April, 1715, in Crane Court, St Peter’s Hill, between St Paul’s Cathedral and the River Thames. This […]

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