William Hill Organ – Liverpool

30th September 2017 0

1841 William Hill Organ in Liverpool The rebuilding of Liverpool’s Great George Street Congregational Chapel in 1840 also resulted in the city acquiring a significant new organ by the pre-eminent British builder of the 19th […]

Hugh Blair (1864 – 1932)

18th April 2017 1

Hugh Blair Hugh Blair was an English organist and minor composer whose rising musical career was abruptly cut short in 1897, apparently due to a problem with alcohol. He was highly regarded by his fellow […]

John Travers (1703 – 1758)

12th August 2016 0

See below for a recording of music by John Travers John Travers, whose father, John, was a shoemaker in the English village of Windsor, Berkshire, was born there in 1703. He received his musical training […]

Eugène Gigout (1844 – 1925)

27th April 2016 0

See below for recordings of music by Eugène Gigout Eugène Gigout (1844 – 1925) was for 62 years Organist of the Church of St Augustin, Paris. He was best known at the time as a […]

John Varley Roberts (1841 – 1920)

25th April 2016 0

See below for recordings of John Varley Roberts’ music John Varley Roberts was a blunt Yorkshireman who was Organist and Choirmaster at Magdalen College, Oxford, between 1882 and 1918. During his time, the chapel choir, […]